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Auratsu – air conditioner in a good price

Our mission is to provide professional and energy-efficient air conditioning for individual customers and small business at an attractive price.

Ecological R32 refrigerant

Auratsu devices use only modern and ecological refrigerant R32 which is safe for the ozone layer.

8°C continuous heating function

Air conditioning can also be used as a source of heat in winter. Auratsu also has an additional 8*C continuous heating function, which prevents the room from cooling down when you are away from home for a few days.

Smart WiFi option

Our devices have the option of mounting an additional WiFi module, which allows you to control the air conditioning through a dedicated application on a tablet or smartphone.

Suggestions for use

Air conditioners are associated primarily with large investments, office buildings or large-format stores. Now, thanks to the Auratsu brand, everyone can afford this comfort.


The smallest appliances are sufficient to provide comfortable temperature in most apartments.

Service outlets

Whether in the office or at the hairdresser’s: air conditioning makes work more enjoyable, especially when it’s hot outside.

Detached houses

Multi-split system of two or more air conditioners in rooms will successfully create ideal conditions also in larger houses.

Cafes and restaurants

Cool in summer and extra heating in winter. Thanks to Auratsu, your restaurant will be associated with air comfort.

Technical data

* DC Inverter technology
* Nominal cooling capacity: 2.6/3.5/5.3/7.0 kW
*Nominal heating capacity: 2.9/3.8/5.6/7.3 kW
* Increased density HD mesh filter
* Total length of cooling installation: 25-50m
* Total height of cooling installation: 10-25m
* R32 Refrigerant
* A++/ A+ Energy class
* Operating temperature range: -25°C ~ +50°*

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